For local and national businesses looking for opportunities to build name recognition in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle region, Amarillo International Airport (AMA) represents a unique opportunity to reach a large stream of new potential customers through effective airport advertising. As the exclusive advertising concessionaire at AMA, Corey Airport Services can design and implement a customized branding experience for your company that maximizes the visibility and aesthetic of this strategic space.

About Amarillo, TX

The largest city in the panhandle region, Amarillo, Texas anchors a greater metropolitan area of nearly a quarter million people. As such, it is a regional hub for business and industry, home to numerous companies in the manufacturing, distribution and food processing sectors. The meat-packing industry is particularly notable in this area, with Tyson Foods remaining one of the city’s largest employers. Adjacent to Interstate-40, Amarillo also represents a regional crossroads with hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city each year.

About Amarillo International Airport

Situated 6 miles of downtown Amarillo, the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport derives its name from Amarillo native Rick Husband, who passed away in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. First established as a local airfield in the late 1920s, AMA today serves as the largest passenger airport in the panhandle region, hosting scheduled flights for major carriers like Southwest, American and United, and serving nearly three-quarters of a million passengers annually.

Airport advertising is a marketing strategy with proven results in reaching new audiences who wouldn’t normally see your products or services—and Amarillo International Airport represents an excellent opportunity to increase visibility for your company to a potentially endless stream of new customers. To find out more about how Corey Airport Services can design an innovative, coordinated branding experience for your business at this facility, don’t hesitate to contact our Amarillo General Manager Tammy Haider.