Media products

As experts in out-of-home advertising for more than 3 decades, Corey Airport Services utilizes a wide range of media products to generate a branding experience for your company that is second to none. As the marketplace and the culture have changed over the years, our displays and placement strategies have adapted as well, making use of the latest technological innovations and modern advertising trends to ensure each campaign is designed for maximum impact.

As the exclusive advertising company for numerous airports around the country, we are keenly aware of the dynamics, architecture, decor and aesthetics of each airport, and all of our media products and displays are 100-percent customized to fit within the exact environment in which they are placed. This strategy ensures that your message hits home without compromising the visual and aesthetic tone of the space. We’ve found this approach to be highly effective in generating successful marketing campaigns for our clients, as well as building long-term trust with the airport facilities that we serve.

Below is a list of the various types of media products we implement in our advertising campaigns. Click each of the links to learn more.

Static Displays

Learn about the creative ways we use static displays to capture the attention of your audience.

Digital Displays

Create dynamic, high-definition digital advertising to reach your audience in areas of high airport traffic.

Wraps and Clings

Turn almost any surface in the airport into an opportunity to reinforce your brand!

Exhibits and Custom Advertising

Learn about many other creative techniques we can use to present your product to airport passengers in an interactive format.

Corey Tower

Advertise your company on one of the largest, most recognized landmarks of the Atlanta skyline!


We also host advertising on our network of billboards throughout Alabama and Georgia.

Corey Airport Services specializes in implementing a collective of these various media products to create a custom branding experience that gets your company noticed by millions of travelers each year! To learn more, call us at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.