In addition to creating effective advertising campaigns in airports across the country, Corey also provides large-scale advertising on the landmark Corey Tower in Atlanta. Labeled as one of Atlanta’s most powerful branding icons, the Corey Tower is a 300-foot-tall converted smokestack visible across much of downtown Atlanta, displaying your message to more than 1 million people who traverse the area every day.

The centerpiece of Corey Tower is its massive 2000 square-foot digital display, consisting of 416,768 pixels and 1.6 million LEDs, displaying brilliant, highly visible messaging and graphics 24 hours a day. Located across from the Georgia State Capitol Building and Grady Memorial Hospital near the Downtown Connector, this tower is perhaps the most strategic place in Atlanta for local and national companies to make a branding statement to potential customers.

Advantages and benefits of advertising on the Corey Tower

Advertisers have a number options available to them when advertising on Corey Tower. Here are a few of the benefits available:

  • Exclusive use of the 2000 square-foot digital display
  • Exclusive strategic positioning rights on both the tower and display
  • Option for changing the entire look of the tower

In short, the entire tower can be adapted creatively and aesthetically to display your branding statement to millions of visitors per day, giving your company unprecedented levels of visibility.

Corey Tower advertising is offered as a separate service from branding campaigns in the many airports we serve. To discuss the possibility of advertising on the Corey Tower, call us John Hahn at 404-419-9759, or contact us here.