In today’s high-tech world, airport digital displays provide your company an opportunity to interact with a wider audience with strategically placed dynamic advertising. Corey Airport Services can help you leverage this powerful tool by presenting high-definition video, images and text on strategic digital displays throughout the airport.

Our digital displays offer a flexible, creative option for advertisers, allowing for quick, custom modification as your message changes. We also utilize these displays as part of our comprehensive branding-experience approach, giving an ever-changing audience the opportunity to engage with your message multiple times along their airport pathway.

Types of digital displays

Depending on the facility, Corey Airport Services implements several types of digital displays through the airport, each of which offers you a unique opportunity to reach your audience:

Baggage Deck Digital Networks

These digital displays effectively target arriving passengers as they wait for their luggage. Baggage claim provides access to one of the most captive audiences in the airport, making it an excellent opportunity to showcase hotels, restaurants, local attractions and other services these travelers are likely to need. Your Baggage Deck Digital Displays offer full high-definition resolution for smooth video and crisp imagery.

E-Poster Networks

Strategically positioned throughout airport walkways and in high traffic areas, these vertically presented, flat-screen pedestals are aesthetically pleasing while displaying signage that airport passengers find impossible to ignore. These E-Poster displays feature a beautifully bright, high-definition zero bezel and an infinity edge-to-edge glass design configuration. Airport administrators love them because the sleek cabinet design allows for placement in high traffic areas without obstruction.

Video Walls

Delivering larger-than-life, eye-catching images in full HDMI resolution, these impressive displays are designed to arrest the attention and captivate the imagination of your audience. Placed in strategic areas while preserving the airport aesthetic, our video walls display your message boldly and clearly, as the displays are designed to fit within the space.

FIDS Displays

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) represent an excellent way to reinforce your message in a dynamic digital format. Passengers are already looking at these displays to obtain important flight information; why not take advantage of the opportunity to remind these passengers about your product or service? We design the advertising to fit the format so that your brand is placed “top-of-mind” in a way that feels natural to the eye.

Digital displays represent just one of numerous ways in which Corey Airport Services can deliver innovative, state-of-the-art marketing messages to a wide audience on your behalf. To learn more about how we can incorporate this important tool within a custom branding experience for your company, give us a call at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.