Approaching your advertising campaign as a creative effort can open up branding opportunities far beyond simply buying up existing ad space. At Corey Airport Services, we support this creativity by helping you develop and implement a wide variety of exhibits and custom displays tailored to your needs, and designed to make your company stand out.

Types of custom advertising and exhibits

An airport presents an interesting advertising dynamic because the flow of traffic is constant and ever changing. Stepping outside the norms of ad space can be a great way to open up new avenues of interactivity with these prospective customers and attract their attention in unexpected ways. Here are a few examples of custom advertising displays that can work to your advantage.


Staged exhibits give you the opportunity to show off your products and services directly to targeted customers in the airport. Exhibits can take many forms—for example, a car, truck or boat (either for sale or as part of a contest), a viewing lounge, a staged event or an interactive display. Whatever form it takes, an exhibit gives you the chance to interact directly with potential customers, and gives those customers a more tactile experience with your product or service.

Display Kiosks

Market your brand, product or service directly to customers at the touch of a screen or in person. Display your ad on one of our interactive digital kiosks, or set up one of your own. Whether manned or unmanned, kiosks are a proven marketing technique that engages customers in a tangible way.

Charging Stations Displays

Charging stations are becoming an increasingly vital service in an age of mobile devices. By sponsoring and providing this essential “recharge” service, you can enhance the branding experience for airport travelers while positioning your company as an asset to the airport itself.

Sponsorship Programs

While an advertisement is a singular message placement, a sponsorship is an ongoing marketing relationship or arrangement that is considered stronger and deeper than a basic ad spot. By sponsoring a certain airport amenity, area or feature (for example, weather forecasting, recycle bins, social media stations, valet parking service or others), you have the opportunity to establish a long-term branding partnership with the facility, assuring high visibility to airport passengers for extended periods of time.

Other examples of custom advertising

Corey Airport Services has facilitated many other forms of custom advertising for our clients within the airports we serve. Here are just a few additional examples:

  • Sky Bridge Displays
  • Jet Bridge Displays (Interior or Exterior)
  • Parking Garage Exteriors
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Parking Lot Bus Shelters
  • Business Centers
  • Product Samplings
  • Parking Voucher Ads
  • …and many more!

These are just a few of the many ways that exhibits and custom advertising campaigns can maximize your branding presence. To learn more about how Corey Airport Services can help you leverage these powerful advertising tools to your company’s advantage, call us at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.