A staple of any airport advertising campaign, static displays are designed to showcase your message to airport travelers with crisp, clean graphics and text to capture the eye and captivate the imagination. Corey Airport Services design, print and place these displays in strategic high-traffic pathways throughout the airports we serve, reinforcing your brand to millions of people per year.

Types of static displays

Corey Airport Services implements several types of static displays designed for superior visual presentation in key locations throughout the airport.

Fabric Tension Displays

Specifically created to hold printed fabric images, these displays are placed for high visibility in some of the most trafficked areas of the facility. Exceeding the quality of traditional static prints, our printing process yields a high-definition, fuller image with a layered dimension that cannot be achieved with flat duratrans material. Fabric tension displays may also feature backlighting for even greater visibility. Airport facilities love these displays because fabric prints are non-glare, durable, simple to install, easy on the eyes and even noise-absorptive. You’ll love them because they grab the attention of your audience.

Vertacular Displays

Designed proportionately to standard print magazine or poster advertisements, these vertical displays enable you to expand poster-dimension graphics into large-scale, high-definition images that grab the eye. These graphics are set in attractive, illuminated displays for enhanced visibility.


Add a 3-dimensional, high-impact architectural feature to your advertising with a diorama display, strategically placed exhibit-style in key areas of the airport for a branding imprint that travelers won’t soon forget!

Taken individually, each of these static displays can help reinforce your brand to a steady stream of travelers. As part of a coordinated campaign, they form part of a unique branding experience that places your company, product and service top-of-mind to potentially millions of new customers. To learn more about utilizing static displays in your next airport advertising campaign, call Corey Airport Services at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.