When developing a custom branding experience for airport advertisers, Corey Airport Services can convert almost any surface into an effective advertising display using strategically placed wraps and clings. These large, high-definition displays help to reinforce your company’s message along highly trafficked pathways throughout the airport, ensuring maximum visibility to an endless stream of travelers.

Types of wraps and clings

Printed on high quality self-adhesive vinyl that can be applied and removed without damaging surfaces, wraps and clings are highly customizable and adaptable to most surfaces. Here are a few common examples.

Wall Wraps

These wraps can be placed on open wall spaces where advertising fixtures or displays are not feasible. The great advantage is that they can be designed and printed in large format, turning almost any wall into a dramatic, memorable display.

Floor Wraps

Stop passengers in their tracks with these high-definition graphic displays designed for placement on floors and walkways. Customizable to virtually any size and shape, these durable wraps can endure the highest level of traffic and serve to enhance brand recognition for passengers who are concentrating only on their handheld devices or simply on the path in front of them.

Elevator Wraps

Designed for enclosed elevator spaces, these wraps are ideal for converting an otherwise mundain space into an opportunity to make a good impression—and of course, elevator passengers are a captive audience with literally nothing to do except view your message!

Window Clings

Similar to wall wraps, window clings are designed to maximize the use of window space where advertising fixtures are not feasible. Since the human eye is naturally drawn to light, window clings represent a perfect opportunity to reinforce your message in a space where people are generally inclined to look.

While each of these types of wraps can be a powerful branding tool on its own, they deliver an even greater impact as part of a coordinated airport advertising campaign. Corey Airport Services has many years of proven experience in creating and implementing effective branding experiences in airports across the country. To discuss adding airport advertising to your marketing strategy, call us at 404-419-9700, or contact us here.